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About Us

With a combined 80 year history in the electrical field, we bring a mechanical background with technological training, in order to offer a complete design and sales capability for our clients! We are primarily a Renewable Energy electrical contractor, this is our passion. But we also focus on different aspects of residential and light-commercial energy backup. We specialize in Off-Grid Solar Design and installation for those clients who decide that they neither want, nor need to utilize the Utility for the power needs of their home!

As a second generation electrical contractor, electrical wiring and their systems have been a part of my life from as long as I can remember. An introduction into technology systems came in college, and also a desire to help with the human impact on the environment!

As stated before, Off-Grid Solar is really a passion of mine, as well as, solar well pumps, and solar HVAC! I love that we have the ability to allow a client to totally remove themselves from the control of the Utility Companies!

My name is Jarrod Smallwood. I am here to help you become energy independent and bring you peace of mind knowing your home will have electricity even when our public services fail.

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